1.  Will I be able to talk with the band personally before the date?


*Answer: Certainly.  Bobby prefers a “direct connect” with you to insure all of the important details of your “special day” are taken care of. Bobby will offer advice and suggestions (if you request some help) to make sure your night is wonderful.




2.   What does the band wear?


*Answer: The band has various types of wardrobe depending on the type of event and your tastes. They have Black-Tie formal, dressy casual, or bright exciting show wardrobe. They customize it according to your input.





3.    I read in “Modern Bride Magazine” and other publications that Bobby Way and the Fabulous Wayouts is the #1 interactive party band in the Midwest.  While I want the dance portion to be pure crazy fun, will they “tone it down” for serious dedications?


*Answer: Definitely. Bobby is the best at planning the evening and performing the correct material at the “right” time. You decide on this when you and Bobby take part in the free consultations.




4.    May I use the band’s wireless microphone for announcements?


*Answer: Yes. Bobby has the best, high quality equipment in the Midwest and you will have the advantage of using this for your toasts and very important announcements.




5.    Can we control the bands volume?


*Answer: The volume level is totally up to you. Let Bobby know if you would like a little lower volume, or if you want it “pumped up” to increase the room’s energy level.  Bobby uses the latest “state of the art” Hi-Fidelity sound gear. This gives you total control -- No problem…no worries.




6.    When is the best time for the Bride and Groom dance?


*Answer: The correct answer is whenever you want it! It varies with individual tastes and timing. As a rule, it is best soon after dinner is completed. This maintains all of your guests’ attention, before the party and dancing starts.




7.    Will the band MC our special dances and requests?


*Answer: MC’ing is one of the band’s specialties. Bobby and Chick share the duties to make sure all of your special requests such as the Bridal Dance, Father-Daughter dance Etc. are handled with class and a real attention to detail.




8    Will we have music during the bands breaks?


*Answer: Absolutely! The band provides any style of “break music” that you want, or you can provide the tunes on a CD, I-Pod type of devise. The band’s excellent sound system is the best in the business for playing back high quality sounds.




9.    Will the band play overtime?


*Answer: Sure! If you anticipate that you would want to “Keep the Party Rockin”, let Bobby know that you may want to set this up as an option.




10.  Will the band set-up before the guests arrive?


*Answer: You bet. This has become an increasingly requested part of the reception regimen and always a good idea. Many of the halls require an “early set-up” today. Ask your agent or Bobby about the details.


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